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What is Net PC System?
Net PC is an unique networking device using WOIP (Windows over IP) based on networking standards. You can share the resources of the Host PC system by connecting Net PC System terminal's  to it, thus giving you the benefit of having several networked PCs. You can connect one or more Net PC System terminals to one Host PC directly using a LAN adapter and cable or via network using a hub/router.


1*Convenient Installation.
2*Using the Tinpec NetSystem terminal replaces a traditional desktop PC at 1/5 the cost.
3*You can connect the Tinpec NetSystem terminal to a Host PC in a local or remote area via network (TCP/IP) in order to access all resources of that Host PC.
4*You can connect one or more Tinpec NetSystem terminals to a single Host PC.
5*No maintenance required for Tinpec NetSystem, only Host PC.
6*USB port is optiona

OS (Operating System) Windows®XP Professional Edition
Windows®2000 Professional
Windows®2000 Server SP4
Windows®Server 2003



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